Montag, 18. November 2013

Visiting Sea Life Hannover // First time in PRIMARK!!! xD

I really like aquaria and so does Thomas, that's why we visited the Sea Life Aquaria in Hannover!
I had a really good time making funny pictures of Thomas xP
Although I was sick again and very tired from medication >_<

Nevertheless, that's what I wore:
love this color combination ^///^
 And I wore my pink streaks ^o^

It was nice weather when we arrived at Sea Life and botanical garden

 Inside Sea Life:

I like turtles :D
trying to photograph the skates... but they were too fast ~_~
Those guys were really funny ^^

Did you ever had a shark right over your head? ^^;

Beautiful fish!

Okay, I was really frightened...
Turtle again! ^0^
After that we went into Hannover city. But honestly we didn't see much of it... it was crowded and started to rain... and I didn't feel well x_X

Fancy looking station
And yes, I was in Primark for the first time!!! Gosh, how much I envied all those girls which had one in their near and are always posting their gets from it xD
So it was an absolutely MUST to go there :D
And my opinion?
It's HUGE.
It's REALLY crowded.
And it felt like a cross between H&M and IKEA @_@;
But the clothes were really cheap and fashionable!

After surviving Primark!

Finally: My gets! ^o^
 Leo BH, Tights, Sneakers, warm Boots (I love those Boots! They are comfy and chic and what counts most: Primark has enough shoes in size EU 42!!! A big plus in comparison with H&M -.-) and pink jeggings (which I don't even try because I didn't want to wait in front of the changing rooms for another 30 Minutes (!!!) - and now it doesn't fit -.-)

So, in the end, it's worth visiting Primark to find cheap clothing and bigger sized shoes. But don't dare to go there on a Saturday.........

Freitag, 1. November 2013

This was Halloween

One contemporary blogpost :D *proud of myself*

This was my "costume", pretty easy but I really liked it! It suits my character @_@;

The first time I used my presend from Lau, Diamond Lashes, and I love them! ^_^v
They were so comfortable to wear, I was even sleeping with full makeup xD
I want circle lenses that I can actually wear ;_____;

Evil Kater is evil!
being killed with my own trident
Grumpy devil
sweet revenge ;)

Whole custome group ^^
 Great evening because I forgot everything bad of it... that's a way to be happy! xD

Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

Won Lau's Giveaway!!! *happy* // Outfits

That's a really late statement, but I won Lau's Giveaway! *dance*
I really wanted to win this because I wanted those lashes... I am the most broke girl on this earth >_<
I really envy all those gaijin gyaru who can spend their money on brand clothes and makeup ;_;

Anyway, that's what was in the parcel:

She also wrote this cute letter!

I waited so long to post about his because I thought I could show you pictures of me wearing some of these cute stuff, but I am sick again and have been sick since a loooong time already... hope it's getting better soon... (halloween is coming! `_`)

So, what am I doing when I am at home, not being motivated for anything?
Yes, watching tv series. And I want to announce that I am thinking about opening an additional blog for series recommandations. But for now it's all in my head first, hehe.

The other thing I've done is scrolling through pictures that have been taken in summer and have not been published here yet.
So, be aware of a few really summerly pictures that will make you (and me) wish for summer to come back even more ;)
And because I mentioned that I am a broke gal... I am going to tell you what my wardrobe really costs. And show you that one can have nice clothes without spending a lot of money on them :D

Worn for shopping. I really like yellow x leopard ^^. I think the scarf as a waistbelt make the outfit more interesting, don't you think?

Dress: H&M (bought secondhand this summer for 2 € ^^)
Shoes: NewYorker (3 years ago, reduced to 5€)
Scarf: was a present

Beach Outfit. Love how the shoes match with the top :3

Top: Tally Weijl (so old I don't even remember buying it)
Skirt: Selfmade out of an old jeans ^^
Shoes: C&A (about 8 years ago, reduced to 9€)

Beach Outfit again. Went with the guys. Was fun :D

Bikini: Bruno Banani (my most expensive Bikini >_<, 15€, bought 9 years ago)
Top: self destroyed ;D (bought originally for 3€ a really long time ago)
Skirt: Selfmade

Another Beach Outfit xD Can't even remember with whom I went xD

Bikini: Tally Weijl (bought last year, reduced to 5€)
Top: H&M (bought 2 years ago, reduced to 5€)
Skirt: C&A (bought 6 years ago, reduced to 4€)

Party Ouftit :D That's some combination I wear relly often... pink x black.

Top: customized by me (my sister didn't want the top anymore)
Skirt: Pimkie (uff... this one is over 10 years old, don't remember x_X)
Shoes: Deichmann, customized by me, added the lace ^^ (bought last year, reduced to 3€)

Another Party Outfit ^^ The party wasn't even close as good as that it would been worth this dress ;D (I am SO in love with zebra print!!!)

Dress: H&M (swapped it this summer on KK ^^)
Shoes: Aldi xD (last year, those were reduced to 4€ xD)

That's... actually my sleeping dress :D But I had to go to the supermarket and was so lazy, so I added a belt and a hairband xD But it looks like a cool beach dress, I think :D

Dress: made by me out of an old shirt from Thomas ;D
Shoes: Kaufland xD (yes... I needed new flats and they had them for only 5€ xD, bought this year)

Maybe this was a bit embarrassing... but I told you I am broke x//D (and making the best of it!)
And if you handle your clothings with care you can still wear them after even 10 years *haha* :D

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Colorful Casul Outfits ^o^!!

I collected a lot of outfits again.. I've been quite colorful this summer I guess ^^;
But I really like mixing colors. Especially in summer. Everytime I wear some coloful pieces I feel a lot  happier. Clothing and dressing up can really change someones' mood ^^

Worn for shopping with Thomas ^^
I got myself some pink clip-in strands from ebay which I wore on this day, too. Clip-in extensions are quite risky when it's windy ^^;

Cardigan: ebay
Top: New Yorker
Pants: H&M
Shoes: C&A
Bag: Esprit
Point: Silver bag and shoes

I let Thomas wear a colorful outfit, too. I really liked it but he doesn't xP
Just another shopping outfit ;)
Mint x lilac x silver   *w*~

Top+Bracelet: New Yorker 
Pants: H&M
Shoes: C&A
Point: I think I wore the back in the front. But I like the heart-neckline :D

Outfit for inlineskating, yeah! :D

Top+Socks: New Yorker
Pants: customized by me
Accessoires: offbrand

Worn at some meetup at Kenny's place ^^
Dress: New Yorker
Top: Customized by me
Accessoires: offbrand

Never worn in public because the dress is really see-through ^^;
But I liked the combinatiom of pink+white :3

Cardigan: ebay
Dress: raspberry-juice
Accessoires: offbrand

So, that's it for today.
Which one is your favorite and why? Please let me know :3~

By the way~ does anyone know how to set a tumblr blog public? >o<

Freitag, 13. September 2013

Gyaru Tumblr


I just wanted to tell you I made a gyaru and japanese fashion related Tumblr:

Feel free to visit me there, add me or reblog things!

My tumblr is just about mostly japanese fashion and outfits I like, containing brands like D.I.A., tutuha, ma*rs and so on. At the beginning this blog should have been the same... but now it became quite personal ^^;
So, for those that just want to scroll through inspiring coord pictures this will be the thing! :D

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Austria-Trip Part 3: Stylish on alps! Or: "You wanna go hiking in THAT?"

The last part of my Austria-trip review and my favorite one,  too! Best weather + best locations + best outfits :D
Alps are THE typical thing in Austria for me. Beautiful landscape with cows, horses and sheeps and cute little huts where you can eat and drink. Perfect. Would live there (in summer) :D

Zwiesel alp

Although Zwiesel alp isn't that big of a territorium to hike on it has an extremely beautiful view over the mountains! But the con is that going up there with an elevator is damn pricy. 1 Person is 18 € for going up and down :O (we should have just walked back down....) And it was quite crowded up there. That was something I didn't like so much... too many noisy children :O
 Outfit for that day:
Dress: H&M
Top: Customized by me
Anything else: Offbrand

I'm really into coords with pink or/and leo items lately :D

My shorts are showing under the dress...  did you really think I would go hiking without safety shorts?! :D

beautiful panorama!
Really, isn't that view just stunning?!
Hihi.... :D
good picture - for taking this with automatic release ;D

Post alp

This alp is quite big. We didn't manage to go all the ways in one day. You can come up to this alp via a "panorama road" which costs 9 €/car. That was quite inexpensive in comparison with other activities like elevators ^^.
And there were not that much visitors (maybe they were evenly spread over that large place), so I felt much more comfortable.

Outfit of the day:
Top: raspberry-juice
Pants: Customized by me
Jacket: New Yorker

I like that colorful coord so much ^_^ 

not that stunning but beautiful never the less
Love my new selfmade top ^w^


posing :D
view over "Wolfgangsee"
and it got cold up there ^^;;
Lonesome cow *_*;
I got even more colorful :D

typical alp flowers that I liked!

Horse family *-*

They even let us pet them <3 br="">
not that good automatic release xD
and after a exhausting day: drinking beer :D

Yeah, now my austria trip review is finished :D
My favorite days were definitely the ones featured in this entry. I just love alps! ^^

Have you ever been on a alp? :) 

And I hope I have shown you  that going hiking is an excuse for being dressed like a hiker. All that matters are the shoes! ^^

And finally some really funny shot from our journey back to Magdeburg:

 Who the hell names a town "Lederhose"?! It may be the most beautiful town ever I wouldn't want to live there :D

Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate that! ^_^